The Battle Is Coming



Prophetic Word 2017

People of God are picking up their mantles today
They are moving in proper position
Theres a churning and a stirring in the earthly realm and the spiritual realm
The people of God as they move into positions
that god has set for them
Are getting their weaponry ready for battle.

The Battle Is Coming
There is a great battle that is on the way
Great and might thunderous battle
That will take place the Heavenlies
And Gods people must be in their proper place
in order for them to receive the blessings of God
Upon the Anointing

The anointing has to go forward in your gift
in order for you to be matching the
level of the attack of the Devil

God says flow freely in this
Do not be held back by worldliness
Do not be bottled up by selfish ambitions
And hardships
Do not be bound by worldliness
follow God plan, follow God path for you
In The Name of Jesus

Individual anointing
Power packed anointing
That You are pushing us
Right into our proper place
We are fitting together today

As all the pieces of the puzzle
Every puzzle piece has fit custom into it’s position
God knows what he’s doing
He saying take up your mantle and go
Take up your mantle and
Go to the designated spot
The designated place that I’ve put before you
on this earth is the place you must be

The fire is coming the fire God
will rain down from Heaven
and burn that which is not of him
God is saying be in your proper position
Because you need to be in that place so you do not
get burned
You need to be in that place
so when the power of God falls
That you hear the calling of God,
you hear the quickening of God
you hear the awakening of God today

God is true, God is powerful
God is position, God is in motion

I’m calling forth all the Heads of The House
I’m call them out from the darkness of the cave
I’m calling them out from the sadness
i’m calling them out from timidity
I’m calling them out from the misrepresentation
I’m calling them out from the misplaced parts
Im putting them into their place
Heads Of The Household are about to start to move into position
The Heavenlies are about to fight
We need the men of God in the proper position
To Carrying their mantle

They have to lean down
They have to humble themselves
And rid themselves from pride
to pick up the mantle of God
And raise it to a level of expectations
unto the Lord
So that they may carry that mantle and lift it above their heads
They are picking up Jesus
They are picking up Jesus Christ

3 year battle from 2017-2020
It’s a 3 year test
It’s a three year test thats coming
It’s a three year test
From 2017-2020
It is a three year test

God says
That we are going into war into battle
in the Heavenlies
on the earth into the Kingdom
It is a three year test
Because three is the divine number
Three is the divine number
it was three days that Jesus was in the tomb
And that he had gone to Hell
To get the keys of the kingdom
And it was on the third day
That he rose

It is the number three
The Holy Trinity
That is fighting in the battle in the heavenliness
Between now in 2017 and 2020
Right now in the name of Jesus I call all my prophets forth
No longer will you be put to the side of the room
When your center stage will determine the area that needs to be fought in this battle

He is pulling his prophets forth
He is pulling his prophets forth because
He needs them in their position
Because they are the temperature for God
They are reading the temperature of the kingdom

This battle will be Epic in the name of Jesus
That is why God prophesied to me the word EPIC last week
The battle will be EPIC

The Millennials will do great battle in this war for the next three years
People are saying they are not yet ready
but they are ready in the name of Jesus
You will see a great shift in the young people of this world
From age 18- to age 30 and up
There will be a great shift
They will come out greater and in greater numbers
And down things of old
They will hold street revivals
They will hold rallies in The name of Jesus
They will march down streets with bull horns
Proclaiming the name of Jesus
They will go on college campuses
And they will proclaim the name of Jesus
They will be on news outlets proclaiming the name of Jesus
There will be news coverage and news stories
Oh the millennials coming forth
Coming out of the darkness
It will be a great and powerful move of God
These young people who have sold their lives out for God
And who have been
washed away and been written off as nothing and nobody
Will stand powerfully in front of the kingdom for God
And they will fight and do battle against the Devil

This is the reason, why they are called MILLENNIALS
Because they will bring millions with them
And they have such power over them
It is a great battle
Thank you Lord God

They will travel in Thousands
They will travel in groups of thousands
For Birthing new social media mantles
For dropping new things in people’s spirits
they have not yet experienced

Thank you God
For open eyes


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