1 Corinthians 14:1

Pursue love, and earnestly desire the spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy.



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7/2/2018 Prophetic Word BLOW: BLOW like a raging wind in me Oh God Let no darkness fall in my face God that would hinder me from seeing your path or hearing your voice Father overwhelm the lies of the enemy in my ear with the powerful force of your voice God BLOW like a strong …

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11/1/2017 NO FEAR HERE!!! We must remember that Satan is always operating in fear. And we as Gods Watchmen and warriors must not. People will come and always have questions about what the enemy is plotting and planning. It matters not what the enemy does because it only matters what God does. Satan grows in …

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The Battle Is Coming

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4/23/2017 Prophetic Word 2017 People of God are picking up their mantles today They are moving in proper position Theres a churning and a stirring in the earthly realm and the spiritual realm similutaneously The people of God as they move into positions that god has set for them Are getting their weaponry ready for …

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Power Prayer

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7/3/2017 Power Prayer You are a powerful person in the name of Jesus. And because you are power in Christ you will be attacked. But you’re up for the battle you’re up for the challenge because God has already preprogrammed you and put everything in you that you will need to beat back the enemy …

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