Power Prayer


Power Prayer

You are a powerful person in the name of Jesus. And because you are power in Christ you will be attacked. But you're up for the battle you're up for the challenge because God has already preprogrammed you and put everything in you that you will need to beat back the enemy during this season of your life.

Don't be anxious or fearful of this attack instead be excited! Because you've just come up higher in the Kingdom and all of Hell knows it. God has set provision to make you succeed. Oh,and make no mistake you will succeed.

Nothing on earth above or below it can cancel or alter the plan of God for your life. Satan is coming for you because he is threatened by you. Threatened by your seed, by your gift, by your promise, by your testimony and by your purpose. He is afraid of your fearless mentality, your fire ignited, your undeniable unbreakable unchanging faith.

The enemy is confused by your resolve, by your endurance, your perseverance through pain, difficulty, and hardship. Your faith is his downfall. When Satan pushes you. You comeback and demolish him. You are not standard. You are not ordinary. You are exceptional. You are a person of phenomenal faith.

Demons tremble in your presence. Mark this day as your victory lap. God built you for this! For such a time as this. Sharpen your sword, strap up your word and execute every promise that God ever told you, prophesied over you, sent you in a dream or vision or poured into your spirit.

Today is that day to rise. Today is the devils destruction by the hand of God that is upon you. Marriages restored, finances increased, self esteem reinforced, children covered, homes coming forth promotions being processed, ministries birthing, books are being written to heal the land, doors are opening and doors are closing all for Gods purpose. You are in the thick of the battle and there is no retreat. Be today the weapon that God created you to be. God's weapon of mass destruction against the enemy.

You will not be moved. And the God in you will not be stopped. Claim your place of victory today in the Kingdom of God. You were built for this. You do not do Weakness, instead you WAR!

©️Kasey Latta 2017 by the Anointing of The Holy Spirit


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