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"I spit FIRE, but I drink from the Living Water."

Kasey Latta is a RELENTLESS teacher of the word of God. She is a prophetic voice who encourages and ignites for Christ. She is a true demon slayer, a wife and a mom.

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• Monday thru Friday, 10am & 10pm Pacific
• Saturday 11am Pacific

Fearless, relentless, intentional God strategies for your life and for your marriage. Kasey brings a life shaking message that is placed on her heart from God and addresses your questions live.

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Kasey's Target Ministries

Word Warriors

We are Women Of God who study the word and wage war against the enemy and win.


We are a group of Bible believers who live in the Armor of God, use our authority in Christ and Repeatedly Handle the Devil Daily (R.H.D.D.)

The Suicide Watchmen

We are The Watchmen on the wall against suicide in our time and we fervently pray against the enemy and his lies against God’s people that tries to steal their lives.

Through The Fire Marriage

Some marriages are forged through the fire and they become strengthened by the anointing of God and by their Fiery Furnace Faith. #firecall #kaseylatta #marriageprayer #ttf

Marriage Ministry Prayer Call

(951) 893-5555

Every Monday at 6pm PST, 7pm MST, 8pm CST, 9pm EST.


Invite Kasey To Speak At Your Event.


Joy Wallace

Kasey you have no idea of the impact you are making in my home and others. I have learned more practical things from you on periscope  than the first 13 years of  being in church!

Pastor Sandra Washington

Kasey Latta is a leading prophetic preaching voice in this next generation!  Her passion, hunger and love for the Lord and God’s people are INFECTIOUS!! From the ministries God has called her to which include Word Warriors, the Godsquad, The Monday night marriage conference Call line and suicide prevention prayer line, it is EVIDENT that she is led by the Holy Spirit to Inspire, to Ignite, and change lives so God’s people are delivered, set free and living a VICTORIOUS LIFE for Jesus. She is a “heavyweight” Soldier and Fighter in the Spirit against the enemy and teaches on using your God Given Authority to resist the devil in spiritual warfare. I have known Kasey for a long time now and have watched her growth, character, and gifting increase for Advancing the Kingdom of God.  It’s ALL ABOUT JESUS with Kasey and what an honor to see God use her in MIGHTY WAY!

Kingdom Arise Ministries International

Magaline Harvey

The Prayer call has been a blessing to my life because I get fed spiritually in addition to equipped to stay in the proper Prayer posture for myself and my Marriage. 

LB McKinstry

My name is LB mckinstry and I want to start off by saying all glory to God kaseylatta has been a very inspirational woman of God to me ever since I met her on periscope I have noticed and witnessed her genuineness and her faithfulness to our father and our Lord Jesus Christ. When I come on to visit some of her scopes, I don't just see a person that looking to be seen by people but a person who genuinely shows her love for Christ and the love for people and how she dedicate her time and energy and resources to fulfill the purpose call on her life to do the Kingdom purpose that God have fulfilled in her and has chosen her to do and when I see that it gives me hope and peace and confidence that God has a bigger purpose and plan for my life. lb mckinstryRoanoke College general maintenance I'm employed by Roanoke College but I'm working for Jesus Christ here each and every day.

Laura Michelle

I can't say enough good things about Kasey. She is the real deal. She says what she means and lives by it. She is a great mentor to me.  She encourages me to be bolder and stronger. I have grown and learned so much. She challenges you to look at things God's way. I am a better person because of the God in her. He broke the mold when he made her.

Simone Wilson-Brito

Kasey has been a great blessing in my life. I found her on periscope at a time when my marriage was at an all time low and was being held together by a few strings. I asked God if I should continue to fight for my marriage or let it go. That was the day that I came across Kasey’s scope titled “Fight for Your Marriage!” Kasey is an answered prayer.  God brought me to Kasey to help me along the next step of my journey in fighting for my marriage. She reminds me to focus on and trust in God to heal my marriage. Through her message, her testimony and her Love for God I now have hope that God can and will heal my marriage and bless it above and beyond what I could have ever imagined. 

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