Kasey's Story


F i e r y ,  B u b b l y ,  R e l e n t l e s s

Kasey is a God loving California Girl. She is the daughter of a former crack addict who endured hardship at a young age. She was bullied and picked on as a child. Kasey grew up with no friends, but she had her mama and her Jesus.

Hardships followed her father’s drug addiction and many days and nights she went without food. In high school, the bullying and threats became so severe she dealt with thoughts of suicide at the age of 16. God spoke to her about having something important to do for God. God kept her.

Low self esteem and depression followed her into her adult years. But God delivered her in 2016. She now vigilantly fights against the spirits of depression and suicide in others with authority and as part of ministry. Her struggles gave her strength. These were all the makings of her purpose. Faith, fire, and fight became her counter measure.

She attended Southern University of Baton Rouge, Louisiana where she met and married her college sweetheart, Garland D. Latta. They have been married for 29 years. Together they have raised two adult children, Kristian and Kendall Latta. In 2004, they created Latta Entertainment, a Christian Production Company. They produced the musical stage play “I Am My Brother’s Keeper, which was written, produced, and directed by Kasey.

Kasey Latta is unapologetically an Igniter for Christ, and Spiritual Warfare runs through her veins. She carries a mantle of relentless faith and a fearless stance against the enemy. Kasey has a heart that quickens, beats, and breathes for marriage and family. Her personal philosophy is “Marriage Is For Soldiers” and only the committed and strong need to apply. Kasey believes that it is never to be entered into lightly and should be fought for under the correct circumstances “By Any Means Necessary”.

Enduring hardships in her marriage has led her to become a fighter for her own marriage and released a “battle cry” inside of her for all others. God canceled the plans of the enemy against her and Satan woke up a “Demon Slayer” and a Demonic Assassin in Christ.

She trained in various ministries and leadership, as a 22-year member of her multi cultural church. She served in Women’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, Mentorship, Creative Arts Ministry, and College Age Ministry. Kasey currently resides in California with her family. She always relentlessly follows her calling and is “About Her Father’s Business”.

Kasey used her pain as more fuel for God’s fire. She believes pain is just power wrapped up in God’s purpose. God has called her outside the four walls of the church to launch a social media ministry platform because “we are the church.”