We are a group of Bible believers who live in the Armor of God, use our authority, power and dominion in Christ to Repeatedly Handle the Devil Daily (R.H.D.D.)

GODSQUAD was birthed through Periscope. We are an online Christian community who proudly exalt the name of God, and use the Bible to take authority over the devil. We believe God is power and that we are power in God! We support and pray for and encourage one another on and off of social media. We build supportive Christian relationship through prayer and power in Christ. WE FAMILY! HEY EVERYBODY!

John 10:10 states “The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy; Christ came that we could have life and have it more abundantly”

What We Do:

  • We as a #GODSQUAD family support one another through prayer on the daily Periscope broadcasts with intercessory prayer and support.
  • We believe that there is nothing greater than God in a believer’s life.
  • We believe that God has not given fear but authority, dominion and power to defeat the devil in our lives.
  • We communicate on social media and through emails to become a Christian support system.
  • We celebrate one another in Christ knowing that God’s gifts are manifest in his children to give back to the Kingdom. We promote God centered projects and other God centered broadcasters.
  • We TESTIFY! The Bible says in Revelation 12:11 that we have overcome Satan but the blood of the Lamb and by the Word of our testimony.
  • We WITNESS and spread the good news gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • We EVANGELIZE by not excluding anyone from our group broadcast, not even the most shocking or controversial individual. Jesus is all-inclusive and sought the broken and the lost so we must be open to do the same on the broadcasts. TROLLS HAVE SOULS and they are welcome here!
  • We help lead people in the BAPTISM OF THE HOLY SPIRIT ,which is the spiritual gift of “talking in tongues. This is a power tool given to us by God to yield as a weapons against Satan, use as an encouragement to ourselves and to others, and a way to communicate with God the Father in a more direct manner. You don’t have to speak in tongues to join us on the scope.
  • We have Fun! We laugh, we cry sometimes, we joke around, we sing a little, we have contests and giveaways, we bind, we lose, we cast down demons, we speak Gods truth, we’re open about our flaws and weaknesses, and we bring the POWER AND THE AUTHORITY.
  • We go into SPIRITUAL WARFARE BATTLE for one another.
  • We definitely PRAY AND WE SLAY DEMONS all day errry day!

The best part is ANYONE can become a GODSQUAD MEMBER. Just follow us on Periscope and link up with me on Facebook or Instagram. WE LOVE EVERYBODY! Just come by and hang out on the scopes!

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Join us and participate in this God centered online family community for prayer, support, motivation, Christian teaching and coaching

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