Prophetic Word BLOW:

BLOW like a raging wind in me Oh God

Let no darkness fall in my face God that would hinder me from seeing your path or hearing your voice

Father overwhelm the lies of the enemy in my ear with the powerful force of your voice

God BLOW like a strong push in my back to move me Let me not be stopped and unmoving in Christ Jesus

God BLOW me to the ends of the earth to touch your people and speak your words

BLOW in my spirit to make it rise and make Satan fall

BLOW any pride or pain from my temple

Let it not stick to my spirit but push by your mighty power all from me that need be removed

BLOW the trumpet
BLOW the walls down
BLOW the seas and
BLOW the fire
BLOW the anointing and the living waters
BLOW the prophets like seeds in the wind throughout the land

Oh God and may your word from their lips take root in good ground and birth and build structure for you to come

BLOW the teaching of God in the ears of the people and the mighty in fight and spirit

Birth the Leaders
the Fighters
the Warriors
the Intercessors

BLOW the prayers of intercession through every household,
every hut,
every church house,
every penthouse,
every white house,
every palace,
every alley
and every pit

BLOW your evidence and miracles Oh God.
Heal the land.

BLOW away the starvation and the pestilence.
BLOW away the war and the hate.
BLOW away the fear and the brokenness
BLOW away the crippling and the contagious spirits

BLOW away and kill perversion and temptations
BLOW down the unrighteousness reign of this world

BLOW and remove the choker from around the neck of this world and
BLOW life back into this earth in the mighty name of Jesus

BLOW The light of God into the darkness into the deepest cages of isolation, depression, despair and death

BLOW away the seducing spirit of suicide,
same sex attraction
and self mutilation

BLOW away Oh God vanity and fame.
BLOW away false acceptance of self.
BLOW away superficial shrines of existence

BLOW away modern day idolatries that ensnare your people Oh God

BLOW away inadequacy and inferiority and worthlessness.

BLOW away lowly feelings and places of failure God

BLOW the hand of God over us as protection and cover.
BLOW the power of God in our direction

BLOW away confusion,
and deceiving spirits.

BLOW away the devils temples of lies and untruths.

BLOW away materialism and spirits of Mammon.

BLOW away selfish saints and insatiable sinners.

BLOW correction over us Oh Lord. Let our hearts, minds, ears and eyes clear a path for you alone God

BLOW away excuses, compromises and corruptions to the fundamental nature and foundation of God

BLOW your direction compass and guide to us God. Let your truth ONLY rule and reign

BLOW the clock Father God. Let the time inside of us tick so loudly that it speeds up our day of discovery and restoration and revelations in God

BLOW down the distractions of the old religious and traditions of Christianity and pour like new wine skin into the relationships of your people Oh God with you

BLOW away the old church structure God and embrace that “WE ARE THE CHURCH”
and not the buildings

BLOW away old mindsets and concepts that push away the hurting and broken
instead of loving and accepting them as they are and allowing Holy Spirit to change them

BLOW away judgmental Pharisee and Sadducee spirits that anger and grieve God and instead love ALL of God’s people.

BLOW away distractions in the body of Christ about God’s appearance and what he looks like and what race he is.

BLOW away the superficial concerns of man and concentrate instead on the essence and presence of God regardless of his appearance.

BLOW away controlling spirits that try to contain God and his people by putting them into a box of regular behavior when God can instantaneously create new and never seen

BLOW away a closed and hard heart and a deceived mind and show God to those who need him most

BLOW away the cynically saved and the the doubters who need a great deliverance and let them see as God sees

BLOW away the ungrateful and unthinking and birth humility like never before in this land

BLOW away cowardice and concealment and expose and reveal all those who hurt the body of Christ and God’s children so that God may have his way

BLOW away the lack of purpose and fire in the church.

BLOW away the complacent minds and the compromising hearts in ministry.

BLOW away the marketing and branding and go back to the warfare and the standing.

Let God be God and allow him to bring the people

BLOW away a lack of conscience and conviction concentration and consecration

BLOW away the backstabbing, gossip and attacking in the church and ministry and cover the hurting and pray for their souls

BLOW away the disregard and disrespect for the reverence of Jesus the son of God and Savior

BLOW away the double minded, self proclaiming Christian

And BLOW in the relationship movement and teachers and pastors of God

BLOW away the wolves and predators against the kingdom of God and fire the power of the Holy Spirit against them

BLOW the land Oh God!
BLOW the seas Oh God!
BLOW the air Oh God!
BLOW the world Oh God

Take Up This Place God

Please God! BLOW, BLOW, BLOW!!!!

B elieve
L ove
O vercome
W ash

©️2018 Kasey Latta By The Revelation of The Holy Spirit


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