Kasey Latta Speaks

Kasey Latta

Kasey Latta, Prophetic Bible Teacher, Encourager, Igniter 4 Christ, Prayer Warrior, Demon Slayer, Wife, Mom.


7/2/2018 Prophetic Word BLOW: BLOW like a raging wind in me Oh God Let no darkness fall in my face God that would hinder me from seeing your path or hearing your voice Father overwhelm the lies of the enemy in my ear with the powerful force of your voice God BLOW like a strong …

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11/1/2017 NO FEAR HERE!!! We must remember that Satan is always operating in fear. And we as Gods Watchmen and warriors must not. People will come and always have questions about what the enemy is plotting and planning. It matters not what the enemy does because it only matters what God does. Satan grows in …

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